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About us

Ever notice how you feel when you smell an orange or a particular perfume? Aroma has always been a "big" thing for me. When I was around 16 years old I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy. I fell in love with the way different oils could affect your mood and often gravitated towards the "hippie" stalls at markets that sold the patchouli and lavender oils. 

As I got older, I studied more about essential oils and how they not only smelt amazing but could have very real affects on your mood and skin. When I became a parent I started to realise that a lot of products we use in our daily lives and on our children contained a lot of unpleasant things in them. I started to read, learn and attend classes that taught me about skin care and essential oils, and I started to dream.

Of Essence is the culmination of 28+ years interest in essential oils and skin care and a dream to bring my knowledge and passion to others. We are a small online bath & body business that sells to customers world wide, providing natural handcrafted creams, balms, body butters, bath products and oil based perfumes. We use 100% pure essential oils in our products and never test our products on animals. 

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